May 26th – May 29th

$100 Early Bird Registration and $120 after May 1st

May 29th – June 1st

$100 Early Bird Registration and $120 after May 1st

*Transportation available for West TN Churches only for an additional $10

We can’t wait to meet your students at ANC!
You have questions, we have answers:

Please ask your students and adult sponsors to not to pack anything that:

  1. Advertises alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs
  2. Explicitly or implicitly promotes racism, sexism, or hatred of any group or person
  3. Explicitly or implicitly refers to sexual actions or situations
  4. Has spaghetti straps, except for sleepwear
  5. Is excessively short or tight fitting.

While at camp, we ask that students and adults to:

  1. Wear closed-toed shoes to recreation.
  2. Wear modest, one-piece bathing suits or two-piece suits covered with a colored T-shirt.
  3. Wear modest shorts, dresses, slacks, and jeans for worship. Long pants or knee-length skirts are required for students or adults participating in worship on stage.
  4. Do not dress in a way that calls attention to their underwear (sagging your pants, rolling down your waistbands, etc)
  5. A dark t-shirt if you plan to take the messy games or water games track.

We invite you to join us as leaders in monitoring your group to ensure they are dressing appropriately.

2019 All Nations Camp Daily Schedule

Day 1: Sunday May 24 or Wednesday May 27

3:30 Orientation for All in Worship Center
4:15 Group Photo
5:00 Dinner for Guys
6:20 Dinner for Gals
7:30 Worship in Worship Center
8:45 Bible Study
9:45 ANC By the Seat Volleyball in Gym
10:15 Rooms
11:00 Lights Out

Days 2&3: Monday May 25 &Tuesday May 26/
Thursday May 28 & Friday May 29

6:30 Open Gym; Ga-Ga Ball; Volleyball
7:30 Breakfast for Guys
8:20 Breakfast for Gals
9:15 Worship (youth); Team Comp (children) 10:30 Break
10:45 Worship (children); Team Comp (youth) 12:00 Lunch for Guys
12:50 Lunch for Gals
1:40 Bible Study

Afternoon Recreation

Guys     Gals

2:45   Swim    Tracks
3:45   Store    Store
4:15   Tracks   Swim
5:30 Dinner for Guys
6:20 Dinner for Gals
7:30 Worship for All
8:45 Fellowship Time:
Day 2: Swimming (gals); Game Room (guys)
Day 3: Game Room (gals); Swimming (guys) 10:15 Rooms
11:00 Light’s Out

Day 4: Wednesday, May 27 or Saturday, June 1

7:30 Breakfast for Guys
8:15 Breakfast for Gals
9:30 Grand Finale Worship Rally
11:00 Lunch to Go

So glad you asked!

  1. Great attitude!
  2. Bible, and if desired a note book and pen/pencil
  3. Shorts and t-shirts
  4. Shoes-tennis shoes for recreation and sandals if desired
  5. Personal hygiene items
  6. Favorite pillow, sheets, blanket and towels
  7. Money for GOTM offering
  8. Money for snacks and items in the Camp Store
  9. Other optional items such as a camera, poncho, rain jacket, flashlight, insect repellent, prescription medication for the nurse (if needed).

Very Important!

Alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, fireworks, any kind of weapon, water guns, water balloons. We recommend no radios, iPods, CD players, play station portables or other gaming devices, roller blades or skateboards. If students do bring cell phones or iPods, please ensure these are not distractions at camp.

All Forms need to be submitted electronically before arriving to camp.

If you need help, please call Martha Espinoza (615) 371-7916

We understand that an emergency might happen, and you need to reach your student or leader and they might not be answering the phone, or no cell phone range is available.  Call your Carson Springs (877) 704-6336 or Martha Espinoza (615) 371-7916.