A week at All Nations Camp is very exciting for students, it’s fun and loud, and sometimes wet!  But those things are not life-changing on their own.

Every day and every moment we spend with them at ANC is Christ Centered and Intentional.  The program is design to hear and see the gospel through the life of other students, teachers, counselors and Pastors.  We place them into an environment that is focused on life-changing through Jesus.


Morning Rally

During this time, they students gather and Worship the Lord, in a high energy way, to kick off the day. They will be separated into Youth and Children, to have an age appropriate worship experience. They will hear from the Word of God by a Camp Pastor.

Team Competitions

While one group is at Morning Worship, the other group will be in Team Competitions. Age related games while interacting with other students of different culture and nationality, allowing them to know each other making lifelong friendships.

Bible Study

Led by one of our Staff or by a member of your group, everyone at camp, including leaders, will be engaging a group Bible Study. We provide age-specific materials that will align with the camp theme.

Evening Worship

The students all gather for a time of corporate worship, in a high energy way. They will be able to participate reading scripture, praying and singing in their mother language!

Tracks and Swimming

The different tracks will be available such as archery, wall climbing, soccer, hiking, paint ball and swimming.

Grand Finale

All Nations Camp’s got talent!
Our traditional talent show is the last day during our last morning rally and we will close the many talents of your students. From signing to dancing, rap to group skits!

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