Day of Prayer Devotional 2018

Luke 15:1-7

Jesus shares a radical story of how the Lord loves His people. In front of sinners and the religious leaders, Jesus shares how their will be more rejoicing over one sinner repenting than over 99 righteous people needing no repentance. A little out of the normal church teachings, right! Do you feel the same way when you here of someone coming to faith in Christ Jesus?

I love this parable! Jesus wants us to abandon the common thought, our focus needs to be from His perspective. What would we say or do if we saw people the way Jesus see’s them. Cory Asbury sings a popular song called Reckless Love. It is a great reminder of the Lords commitment to save the lost. His desire is for all to come to a saving knowledge of Him. This song points out the reckless love of God that chases me down, fights until I’m found, and it shows me that God leaves the ninety-nine to find me! What a great truth from God’s Word. Let that sink in, the God of the universe loves YOU! He is willing to chase after you and make sure you are safe and secure. He desires a relationship with you.

This leads in to why we are writing this. We have an opportunity to pray for the lost. We unashamedly love the Gospel message and want Jesus to be glorified and magnified through our Conference Centers at Linden Valley and Carson Springs. Will YOU join us in our day of prayer? How can you be a part of a mighty movement of God? It starts with prayer. Every Big Movement of God started with God’s faithful humbling themselves and asking Him to move.

We host a multitude of events at our facilities that we need the people of God praying over. Let’s ask the Lord to specifically use our facilities for people to get saved. Ask the Lord to prepare hearts as they approach their events that they participate in. Pray for our facilities to be Holy ground that the Lord continues to use for His Kingdom. I urge you to pray and to also join us at YOUR amazing Conference Centers that the Lord has blessed us with.

Pray and join the movement of God.


By His wounds,

Jay Barbier