Conference Centers Support

Carson Springs and Linden Valley Baptist Conference Centers are operated by the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board and funded by Tennessee Baptist Churches giving through the Cooperative Program. These same churches support Journey Camp, Impact Camp, All Nations Camp and RA Camp-O-Ree through the Golden Offering for Tennessee Missions. Capital Improvements to facilities and Scholarships for deserving campers who might not otherwise be able to attend are funded primarily through the help of volunteers and generous donors like you who believe in the transforming power of serenity on the Buffalo River and the English Mountain!

Donation Options

Donate to Capital Development

Both Linden Valley and Carson Springs depend must supplement Cooperative Program funds to maintain the existing properties and develop new facilities.

Your gift to the Capital Development fund helps put new paint on buildings, builds new cabins, and buys new water fountains for thirsty campers.  Won’t you join the legacy today by clicking on the link below?

Donate to “Every Kid a Camper” Scholarship Fund

The goal of the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board is to never turn away a camper because he or she can’t afford to come.  Your gift to the “Every Kid a Camper” Scholarship program ensures a deserving boy or girl gets a chance to experience the transforming power of Christ at camp at either Linden Valley or Carson Springs.

Giving Options

To donate WITHOUT setting up an account:

  1. Click Donate Now button below
  2. Click on “Quick Give”
  3. Enter Amount
  4. Select desired designation from drop-down box
  5. Enter card and contact information
  6. Click on Submit

To donate by check:

  1. Click Donate Now button below
  2. Click on “Use Check” located at the top right of the screen.
  3. Enter Amount
  4. Select desired designation from drop-down box
  5. Add your bank account information
  6. Click “Authorize” to submit donation

To setup an account for current and future donations:

  1. Click Donate Now button below and click on on “First Time”
  2. Input name, address, and other contact information
  3. Create password which must be at least 8 characters and contain a combination of letters and numbers
  4. After submitting, you will go to the screen where you can put in your card or bank information

To donate as a church:

  1. Download this PDF.
  2. Follow the instructions to ensure that your church is properly credited for the donation.